Privacy Policy

Last Updated: 2 March 2023.

Thanks for using MyPaste services. By visiting (from now on, "the site", "we", "our") you ("the user") agree to our Privacy Policy here described. These policies might be modified without advise.

Data Collection and Usage

We collect information from our users. Specifically:

  • When a new paste is uploaded to our site, we store the paste content, settings, and the IP address that reached our servers. We store IP addresses in order to fight spam, so we can easily block spammers and purge spam pastes. We don't make stored IP addresses public. The paste content and settings (such as programming language, expiration policy, etc.) will be shown to the public. We might use the content uploaded to our site to improve our services (such as, but not limited to, improving our language detection algorithm).
  • When you reach us by using our contact form, we store the information you provided (name, email address, message, etc.) in order to address you back in the future.
  • When the user interacts with our site, we may temporally store Internet-related data such as (but not limited to) HTTP request information (User-Agent, referral URL, language preference, date and time, etc.) in our server logs. We use these data to detect issues within our site (such as broken links).
  • We use the third-party Google Analytics service to know how our users interact with the site which might collect additional information. Please see to know specifically how your data is collected and used by this tool.


Cookies are little pieces of information stored in your system through the web browser. The site uses cookies to remember information about you. Specifically, we use cookies to remember paste authors in order to allow them to edit its settings in the future. The third-party Google Analytics service abovementioned ("Data Collection and Usage") may also store cookies in your system. You can delete cookies or disable the usage of these cookies via your web browser settings. You can also reject the usage of cookies by using our cookie agreement panel. Since cookies are essential to our site, many features may stop working after rejecting or deleting cookies.