Terms of Service

Last Updated: 2 March 2023.

Thanks for using MyPaste services. By visiting mypaste.dev (from now on, "the site", "we", "our") or by using our platform through our API services, you ("the user") agree to our terms of service here described. These terms might be modified without advise.

User Agreement

  • You are responsible for the content you upload to the site, but you acknowledge and agree that you grant us the right to distribute, display, and use any user-generated content you submit to our platform.
  • By uploading content to our platform, you acknowledge and agree that you are the author of the content or have the proper rights and permissions to distribute it. You also agree to indemnify us from any legal action or damages that may result from any violation of copyright or other intellectual property laws that may arise from your use of our services.
  • You agree to refrain from using our platform in any manner that is harmful, illegal, or violates the terms outlined in our Terms of Service agreement.
  • We take intellectual property rights seriously and reserve the right to delete any content on our platform that violates our Terms of Service agreement, including but not limited to content that infringes on copyright laws or that is deemed inappropriate or harmful.
  • We take the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) seriously and are committed to protecting the intellectual property rights of others. If you are a copyright owner and believe that user-generated content on our platform infringes on your rights, please contact us at contact@mypaste.dev to request the removal of such content. We will promptly investigate your request and take appropriate action, including removing the content if necessary. Please note that we reserve the right to reinstate any content that we believe does not violate any copyright laws or our Terms of Service agreement.
  • Our services are provided "as-is" without any warranty or guarantee, and we do not assume any responsibility for the accuracy, reliability, or completeness of any user-generated content. We advise you to use our platform responsibly, to refrain from posting any defamatory, offensive, or illegal content, and to report any violations of our Terms of Service agreement to us immediately. Additionally, we are not responsible for any loss or damages that may result from your use of our platform, and we encourage you to take appropriate measures to protect your personal information and security while using our services.